What are EPiC HOPE Harbours?

At EPiC HOPE Harbours you will experience supportive listening to start a conversation, where more favourable solutions than suicide can be discovered.


There is ALWAYS hope.


EPiC HOPE Harbours are there for everyone. Whether you are struggling with mental health issues or suicidal thoughts, if you have been suicidal historically or recently, if you have lost someone through suicide or even if you just need to talk and share your feelings – that human connection.


With peer to peer support and friendly volunteers, our Harbours are a safe place and you will always be made very welcome.



Harbour locations
youth harbours

Can you head up a EPiC HOPE harbour in your community?

The more EPiC HOPE Harbours we have, the better. 


If you know of a space in your community that you could access and you are committed to training to be able to support anyone with mental health issues, then please do get in touch. 

We can provide you with everything that you need.


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