What is an EPiC HOPE Circuit?

HOPE Circuits were established because our founder and her daughter realised that when they had contact with the homeless, many had struggled with suicidal thoughts.



People may have lost their job, their home, going through a painful divorce or may have lost someone and are bereaved. So many situations can lead to someone thinking that the only answer to their pain is to end their life. To go to a place to end your life isn't a cry for help - it's a deliberate act. We know that offering hope and support can change the outcome for them.   This is why we need to go to them."

EPiC HOPE is proud to serve the whole of the Wigan Borough by helping to reduce suicide and those experiencing mental health difficulties. With compassion and care our empathetic, trained volunteers provide emotional support to anyone in a time of crisis, experiencing distress, despair, and suicidal thoughts.


HOPE Circuits were developed in order for us to deliver trained suicide support volunteers who visit areas throughout the Wigan Borough where suicide rates are known to be high. In the event emergency services are requested and/or needed our volunteers will remain and continue to give support until those services arrive.


If we visit these areas and thankfully no one is there, we will always leave an EPiC HOPE card in view.