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Meet our Founder

“Ellie is a suicide survivor who has turned her personal pathway into a powerful message of gutsiness, tenacity, and hope. Her stark honesty about her past encounters with suicide and suicidal ideation throughout her teens, twenties, and thirties makes her speeches potent, and her background in Mental Health Law and Policy combined with her experience in international charity work and national charity management, lends credibility and depth to her speeches.


Beyond sharing her personal struggles, Ellie talks about the toxic relationships, from birth, that contributed to her trauma, making her speeches, sadly, relatable for many. But she doesn’t stop at sharing her past. Ellie’s narrative is one of transformation, providing a glimpse of hope to her audience, whether they’re reading her books or listening to her live.


Her keynote speeches underscore the importance of suicide prevention and intervention, and the need for comprehensive suicide prevention training. The experience of hearing any of Ellie’s speeches leaves the audience with an understanding that hope is indeed a tangible reality, even in the darkest of times.


An award-winning celebrant and a best-selling author, Ellie’s accomplishments extend beyond her personal story. Her work in these roles is informed by her lived experiences, making them resonate more deeply with her audience.


Ellie’s resilience was tested yet again in recent years when she survived a near-fatal road accident, which left her with lasting neurological injuries. But true to her nature, she continues her work, undeterred by these challenges.


Ellie’s story stands as a demonstration of the power of hope. By sharing her experiences, she is contributing to the critical discourse on mental health, suicide prevention, and intervention, making her an influential figure in this field.”


Shobin Abraham, Specialty Doctor, NHS

Director, EPiC HOPE

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